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We joked about tipping landlords. AirBnB heard and deliverered...

i'm more frustrated than i thought i would be about it... just kinda frustrating that it doesn't seem to be building to anything

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it's "The Unspoken Name" by A K Larkwood and stuff keeps like, happening
it flows much more like an ocean tide, in and out, instead of like a huge peak and climax

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a French person greeting their three partners as they get home: hon hon hon

everyone's always like "wow crazy that chillhop is popular when it's just hold music" but the real dark horse of the music scene in 2020 is definitely Bardcore

i hope if i ever get killed and they need to identify me, they don't describe me as unkempt... i would like to be highly kempt. very kempt. strongly kempt

nine mens morris just means they're a gay polycule

sexually explicit shitpost 

aw babe lemme -.-. .-.. .. - on your clit

Foucault, quoting Saint Vincent: "O my Saviour, you were pleased to be a scandal to the Jews, and a madness to the Gentiles; you were pleased to seem out of your senses"

Slim Shady: "and be proud to be out of your mind, and out of control, and one more time..."

I heard that NASA was going to grow cashew nuts on the ISS for nutritional purposes and as a science experiment in low gravity botany. But they had an issue with excess waste being ejected out the station lowering their speed, causing issues with the orbit. I guess if you nut in space it do push you backward.

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