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i love when antivaxxers say "if i get measles they can cure it with modern medicine" i mean for somebody who doesn't trust doctors you sure put a lot of trust in doctors

All Of History In A Nutshell 

@ all of the boomers panicking about coronavirus while the zoomers shitpost about it knowing it wont really effect them: lmao bitch now you know how we all felt about climate change for like the past twenty years

How to recognize colds vs flu vs coronavirus 

"We will have women as the main characters of new video games in order to anger men who have never had sexual intercourse." - Vladimir Lenin

you guys ever noticed how Childish Gambino and Donald Glover look so similar!!!

remember when bo burnham said the only things he cared about are pussy, money, and the dewey decimal system? cuz i felt that

thinking i need a hobby that involves doing something physical like uh
woodcarving or something
definitely not smart enough for these computer thigns

people on this website love two-word phrases so goddamn much

Shout out to this person that joined the Bloomberg campaign and used the time and money to canvass for Bernie instead.

putting lotion on your extremely dry knuckles? now that's horny

selfie, eye contact, boosts + 

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