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the real deep question about activitypub blocks is... Who wrote this mystical original spec that makes blocks equivalent to mutes, and do they realize that they Fucked Up Real Bad

how about solutions to homelessness that don't feel like punishments to all involved lol

Bought an old camera a few months back, discovered the previous owner had forgotten a roll of film in there. Got it developed and scanned, and it looks like these pics were taken in the 70s, then forgotten in the desert heat and super degraded. They're vaporwave as fuck.

:mastodon: : I would like to be part of a positivity-driven, thoughtful network of like-minded adults

:twitter: : I hope that before the end of Two Thousand Eighteen a ghost fucks me to death

hanging out in the woods w/ one of my partners!! what the fuck kind of bug is in the second photo ??? we just don't know

hot cannabis take 

7 tactics of pro-democracy #HongKong protesters

💧 be water

protests swarm to shut down one target after another

🌐 open-source protest

on the spot voting via telegram polls

📱 airdrop

after Telegram DDoS, turn to AirDrop and other P2P tools

✌️ sign language

hand signals and literal signs facilitate supply transfers

😢 🙅 neutralize tear gas

smother canisters w/ traffic cones, wet rags

🚶 avoid stampedes

1-2 1-2 chant to retreat safely

💸 crowdfunding

I was born in the wrong century

17th century me:
I have kidney stones and my town is on fire

What's wrong with capitalism, explained with a simple USB extension cable. 

talking bout the straights 

i have a grudging respect for tardigrades but i cannot get on with their horrid little anus faces

I keep getting annoyed with fiction's insistence on constantly indulging the absurdist fantasy of "What if cops were good"

I am a man, and I should dress like a woman if I were not such a coward.

That is, I should revel in velvets, in silks and satins, in plumes and ruffles, in rich or delicate colors, in daring and dashing modes, in endless variety suited to my whim, to the weather or the occasion. It would be great fun. It would be an artistic gratification. But I don't dare.

In the days of knighthood, when men were really breve, they out-dressed the women; but in these degenerate days we do not venture our fancies beyond cravats. No man in modern times has dared to dress as he pleased, except Oscar Wilde, and we buried him with craven hisses.

We men rail at women's fashions, but in our hearts we know ourselves to be the slaves of fashion, of one dull, deadly, monotonous fashion, which we hate, but from which we are too cowardly to free ourselves.

-- Life magazine, February 1916

cw us election result prediction, its early days but i think ive got it locked down 

shoutout to everyone I follow who posts in other languages for keeping me on my toes
i may feel slightly like I'm having a stroke for the first few seconds of reading your posts but 🤷 worth it

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