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kinda still full of "want to die" energy 🤷

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received an anonymous letter, thought I knew who it was from, they said it wasn't them, suddenly thought it was from someone I hadn't spoken to in a long time, had a huge fucking panic moment, then the first person finally admitted to it being them who wrote it 😬😬😬😬

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today has been one hell of an emotional roller coaster

Your mom calls me Mr. IBS because I'm always shitting my pants

christmas movie alignment chart 

are you wondering what is a christmas movie? wonder no longer

GoT/HBO crit 

dumbest fuckin shit i ever heard is HBO starting a new Westeros show based on another incomplete GRRM work... what, you didn't learn your lesson? wait til that jackass finishes his damn targaryen history until you start to adapt it lmfao

we all knew deep down that we were all just waiting to go ape shitt for whatever stupid genius bullshit Andrew hussie shat out next

dude why did no one mention to me that taylor swift dropped another album
what the fuck

someone ripped off homestuck and put the quadrant symbols on these dumb card things... wtf...

@aeonofdiscord i must do as he commands; the great burger who appears and interrupts my television programs

as does my life lol. Want to get more into the practice of using cryptpad more but I feel like I gotta self host so I have more storage

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cryptpad is down and every anarchist organization grinds to a halt

(doing a classpect quiz) 'the cuck of forever'­­?? what the

obama chuckled. 'you mean the chaos classpect'

What makes the Bussy Grinch distinct from the regular Grinch? What is the Bussy Grinch's agenda?

chess? yea, I tried chess once in college, but I didn't inhale

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