Just finished Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo and holy SHIT what a good fucking book

Right, I 've never posted my profile pic 👀

☀️ Amaterasu, the Shining Light ☀️
(from SMITE)

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[BOT POST] politics, probably gonna delete this 

in yiddish "oy" means "oh" and "ve" means "woe", which means "oy vey" literally means "oh woe", which can phonetically be spelled "owo"

pol, takes 

i post some shit like “i became a milf only so i can kill god” and it gets a million boosts. but when i post actually meaningful content like “eat bean. consume. bean.” it gets ignored. really goes to show what the priorities of the users on this site are.

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it is strange how many former homeschoolers i meet in the course of my normal life. they are following me. i recognize this is just that thing where when you think about something you start seeing it everywhere but god damn if i'm not like, infinitely more at ease around people who were once homeschooled

vampires running for city council so they can rezone people's houses into community centers and commercial buildings, then enter as they please because it of the implicit invitation in that location status

don't fucking brag online about breaking the law

if you absolutely must discuss crimes with people not in person, *then* yes use secure chat apps *and still be careful* how you talk on them

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why most porn stars are short 

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under communism there is only one planet and we all have to share

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you know it's really amazing how quick it is to get everyone to sacrifice just about everything to keep others from getting sick and dying

all you need is a mass media that is interested in selling it

imagine if they started pushing universal health care, how much less that would really require than getting everyone to literally cancel everything for a few weeks

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