it honestly smacks of psyop that the green party are so opposed to nuclear energy and rank and file green members are wholly unwilling to accept that it's much safer now than in the 50s

the thing about the fediverse is that it is really fuckin bad at balancing a big monoculture but pretty alright at fostering small communities and their select points of interaction, which seems plainly clear from the very design but it's something we have really had to gradually learn all coming from these more monolithic centrally governed websites.

the other thing about the fediverse is that the floor is slanted. seriously. put a marble on the ground, see how it rolls over that way? weird.

real talk. In the before times did people actually just like meet folks in bars n stuff ? Like was that a thing. Did people go to bars, pick someone up, and do sexy things. Should I go to bars someday is what I'm asking

it's nothing short of fucking embarrassing that many big labor unions are coming out in support of cop unions

paid 300 dollars for a card claiming i'm exempt from getting cucked under the ada and got laughed at. typical

out of the all possible ways you could have cucked me, you had to do it by fucking my wife. absolute bastard

When people pretend Orwell was a socialist instead of a snitch that ratted out communists

im seeing this overarching theme of people who work in tech or closely with tech not thinking ahead or thinking very obtusely about how software is used and exploited.

it has the same energy as "people wouldn't do that, its illegal"

ever remember how Gloria Steinem was literally paid by the CIA to create a form of feminism that would reject socialism and be nonthreatening to capital

Gloria steinem, cia, cop collaboration 

@interneteh @melissasage I was curious too, here's a source: [ ]
The article is very in favor of her collaboration lmaoo I guess from the perspective of whatever paper it is this is something to be praised??? thank god for praising literal psyops

glad that companies have seriously committed to the whole "turning consumers into literal serfs" thing

coronavirus, usa medical system, capitalism 

the usa buying up all the world's potential covid-19 treatment is a stark demonstration of the usa's privatised healthcare system's capacity to harm populations even outside the usa. other countries might use that medicine to treat people. in the hands of the profit-based usa medical system it goes unused, it exists as a high-value financial commodity, it is taken out of circulation.

Silly metal bands 

Saw a band named Dishönor, which I guess is just another instance of sprinkling umlauts on an English word.
But dishönor as a Swedish compund word means "mist hens." :blobcatgiggle:

In English you can start a sentence with "Indeed, …" and then everyone must agree with what follows, or they'll look like a fool.

"humans are the disease" factoid actualy just ecofascist rhetoric. average person ruins 0 planets per year. Capitalism Georg, who lives in cave & ruins over 10,000 each day, is an outlier adn should not have been counted

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