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how did i forget this last episode ahhhhhh glad i'm working from home today

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what, only like, five times in the last episode, i'm hardly affected

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@cute yessss I love ravioli
Imo the top of the stuffed pasta rankings is actually tortellini tho!

@cute im just strongly in favor of all stuffed pasta. it's the ideal food, is all

@cute wait which type do you like, i crave the ability to accurately judge your pasta taste

philosophytube can do it because olly is an actor and way too talented to handle. the rest of them are generally bad actually and it often only serves to obscure the point of the essay

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hot take: a lot of video essays that use like, acting and some weird framing device are actually worse than they would be without it

@skelltan her stuff is so good! she's got a great narrating voice haha and her investigations are always way better than shit like nexpo or really pretty much anyone else i follow

@skelltan and to be clear she's not exactly like, true crime if that's why you're asking... she's like skeptic horror crime youtubing idk

@skelltan lmao reignbot but it was really a small thing so like, idk it wasn't this big a deal i just have low standards

random youtuber i follow for their true crime content just fuckin dropped the concept of polyam in their sponsorship message lmao and ive never felt more validated

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