rewatching lotr at work and for some reason i'm only now fully understanding exactly how hot Christopher Lee is in these films

best fight scene in these movies is the one where gandalf and saruman hit each other with fantasy invisible sticks for a couple minutes

on a related note i really love that saruman decides he'll keep gandalf around just to like, i guess see if he'll come around. yeah thats probably gonna work dude u go for it


lord of the rings rewatch 

I also am thinking that I have a lot of questions for the dwarves who made the little bridge that gandalf gets absolutely fucked on. who thought that was safe. What did the dwarves who built this do with their babies. Did they have like, a specific grave just for all the toddlers that probably fell off that 2ft-wide bridge

lord of the rings rewatch 

like seriously the fact that the biggest tragedy precipitated by that bridge is when it got crushed and broke is probably , incredibly lucky
why even have a bridge out of your mines if you're not gonna be able to drive a wagonload of ore out that way, ya know?

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