someone has really got to tell youtube music that artists sometimes have the same name, but are not in fact the same artist. and often artists with different capitalization but the same spelling are in fact, different, separate, artists

@loudkid And while we're at it, also that sometimes artists record more than one track with the same name, but that doesn't actually mean they're not distinct tracks

@notafurry ooof i've never seen that one but Fuck i am glad i have not XD i... cannot comprehend how these services can be so fucking bad at the like, one thing they're supposed to do

@loudkid It happens a lot especially in jazz and blues genres where onstage improvisation isn't just a thing but essential. In theory you could distinguish the tracks by naming them with both the name of the song and the venue, but the conventions around it are hardly set in stone, and they confuse every single app ever made.

Classical music too - you wouldn't have just *one* "Symphony #9" by the artist "Beethoven", but for years iTunes would refuse to consider the possibility that you might

@notafurry yikkkeees yeah. hard to understand how the people building these systems didnt' like, put the bare minimum amount of support for super normal use cases (classical music, various covers/rerecords of the same songs)... i genuinely don't understand why they would skip making it work better in such obvious ways, i cannot imagine that cost is the factor... maybe latency somehow?

@loudkid Nah, it's just in the category of things where "good enough to launch and get engagement" is the only real target for the development team.

Some of the independent apps work really well, the ones created by people who love music and are making the tools they want to have and use. But those aren't streaming platforms, and that's where everyone's at these days

@notafurry it's surprising to me still just cause I can't imagine having that type of data to manage and not obsessively tracking every spec of metadata. Like, it's not like this is a problem where it's not exposing functionality, it's straight up sorting the different artist's music together because their names are parsed as the same string.... I just don't understand! What does this system look like for UMG or whoever is uploading the songs?? How do THEY not throw a fit?

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