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conversations i've had with folks on here recently have made me realize i need to make one thing clear: please be horny at me any time!! its fun for me and i will disengage as necessary if i need! no need to feel bad for Flirtin with me in whatever way you feel called
im just constantly Horny too so

So like, dungeon idea. So there's this skeleton servant that sells you keys, potions and other puzzle solving stuff in exchange for tokens you


yeah the joke is "crypt-currency"


"is anyone going to intervene if trump doesn't peacefully transfer power" what a stupid fucking question

who the fuck do you think anyone is

Been feeling really bad about my job recently πŸ˜” wish it was easier to like, learn what things you find to be meaningful labor

if the hulk went hulk when he got sad he would be the sulk

Ratatouille: Tokyo Drift

"Norse mythology" was invented by the medeival icelanders to trick us, the vikings just worshipped rocks and trees like normal, healthy and good people

Bullets $200
Opsec $150
Firearms $800
Trench Coats $3,600
Bombs $150
someone who is good at the economy please help me budget this. my militia is dying

uspol (-- as always) 

Harris as VP is proof positive that Blackness, queerness, and minority existence are not real things to Democrats. These are not lives or experiences, they are brands. They are marketing tools, checkboxes to be filled. You appeal to a group by staffing your party with its members; members who will then turn around and use their state power to suppress the people in no different way than the opposition do.

Both parties are conservative.


speaking of lewd about tall houses though there is something kinda hot about upstairs windows. like, who's out there looking through them? no one. fucking with the blinds open on an upper floor is a victimless crime

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maybe i just have a tall house kink. lets be real looking out an upstairs window gets me rock hard /s

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who is out there honestly building horribly ugly houses. or ineffecient houses. like ramblers. i get it, some folks can't do stairs, but outside that there's no excuse to have a house with a footprint the size of a million-dollar mansion but a third the rooms. just my 2c.

Snap dragons are very pretty, but when the flowers die, their seed pods turn into creepy little skulls! πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

incidentally, there's a dril tweet for my knowledge of dril tweets

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