"this whole thing smacks of fediverse" i say as im chucked into the sun for being an asshole

it's no use... i just want my tumblr porn network back
i have no idea where the fuck to find anything like that now

there's a setting in pleroma that ignores any incoming posts with links in them from users with no followers or no posts indexed on the server and it's a good setting




thinkin I'm gonna start collecting images to create my own anime pornbot because sometimes that's just what you gotta do

i spend most of my time advocating for all crockery to be made of stainless steel, i guess you could say im a fullmetal activist

my new stickers, pol 

im hopeful I never need to administer an instance with more people than like. Ten
I'm just not online enough to handle reports on More than that xD

kobayashi's dragon maid is an excellent anime 200000/10 would recommend

#dragon ??? #kobayashisdragonmaid

sorry im going through OLD ART

dora and the lost city of gold for best picture when ????

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